CREARTVT was founded in 2013 and is a company, based on the idea of representing creative talents & casting directors all around the world who are working in a unique global network.

​​Through offices in New York, Paris and London CREARTVT is linked to almost all the main fashion markets in the industry and is steadily growing their reach.

Casting wise this set up gives every member of the team immediate access to of-the-minute-news and information’s and with each CD  specialising in a particular niche of the fashion market, he/she brings a certain aesthetic to the table, where each project is approached with an open mind and the creative vision to meet a client’s needs.

​From casting iconic talents and up and coming ones for prestigious high fashion and beauty clients as Chloe, Gucci, Dior, Y-Project, Mugler, L’Oreal, Cartier, Self Service, Vogue, I-D, 032C and more, is just as much part of our daily business as finding the suitable influencers, bloggers and social media personalities connected to each brand’s targeted audience.


As well Creartvt is developing their talent department in which they started to rep stylists and other creative artists in the industry. 

This way we are trying to combine fashion & art with the ability of being more creative and to think outside of the box. 

Exploring new ways through younger and bold ideas is the mindset of the new generation of engineers of change.

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