Elodie’s career first began when she worked for the prestigious french fashion house Chloé, soon after graduating with a MA degree in management from IFM which brought her strong marketing skills in fashion industry and a perfect understanding of the image strategies that her clients are developing.

She started casting on her own in 2012 and is now contributing to Self Service, Intermission Magazine, M Le Monde, Antidote Magazine, working with the new generation of talents such Arnaud Lajeunie, Suffo Moncloa, Estelle Hanania, Anna Schiffel, Maciek Pozoga, Georgia Pendlebury, Johnny Dufort, Carlos Nazario, Dario Catellani, HArt + Leshkina,  Ursina Gysi ,Clare Byrne, Till Janz and other top photographers and stylists such Mert & Marcus, Ward Ivan Rafik , Sean & Seng , Charlotte Wales, Elina Kechicheva, Camille Bidault- Waddington Mélanie Ward, Jane How, Beat Bolinger, Sofia and Mauro, Camilla Akrans, Lachlan Bailey, Ezra Petronio, Theo Wenner, Max Farago i.A. as well as for prestigious clients such Chanel N°5, Chloe, Gucci fragrance, Pucci, Schiaparelli .. and the best of new and young designers such Faustine Steinmetz, Glenn Martens for Y-project, Vejas to name a few.

Elodie is synesthete, such are different artists. It’s from a neurological difference that makes her senses crossed-over which gives her a super efficient memory, a highly developed and stimulated creative side and a killing eye. "The French Touch ! ", always subtil and refined, she developed a unique vision based on her own mixed culture, on her sysnesthesia and on her personal cinematographic approach: she likes to tell stories with the jobs she is casting for .

She is specialized on women models, always searching for and scouting up-coming models, with different personalities and unique style.




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